6 palcový lcd a Dotykový displej s Podsvietením ED060XD4 Pre Bookeen Cybook Muse Frontlight CYBFT1F-BK E-Book Dotykový Displej

Štítky: gameboy vrecku ips, kobo glo obrazovke, displej ed060sce, bookeen prípade, displej pocketbook, cybook muse, e knihy originál, kapela muse, e knihy obrazovke, prípade bookeen.

  • Skladom
  • l1082

  • Veľkosť Displeja: <7 Palec
  • Číslo Modelu: Pre Bookeen Cybook Muse Frontlight CYBFT1F-BK
  • Typ Produktu: Panel LCD Combo
  • Názov Značky: huataijia
  • Kompatibilné Značky: Pre Bookeen Cybook Muse Frontlight CYBFT1F-BK
  • Typ Obrazovky: Kapacitný Displej

lcd a dotykový panel s Podsvietením dve verzie,

Verzia 1 lcd a dotykovou

Verzia 2 lcd a dotyk s rámom

Touchet Patrick
Does the job !
Fast delivery, goods received in 25 days from China to Czech Republic: average is 30 days, but I have orders where order is opened for 2 months. Well packaged as in picture. Unfortunately, seller packed me with broken 1 of 3 connectors, so during installation the broken connector got off from the rest of display. Display did not work. Raised dispute, seller took up to 3 days to respond to my question, he did not help me. Aliexpress had to step in to close it succesfully, full refund. thus I cannot recommend to purchase from this seller. Maybe you will have more luck than me. For illustration, I put also my broken original display for comparison. Received display does not have upper black frame as in original. Thus you have to very gentle take off from display and install to new one.

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